Aerial Survey

Aerial Survey

MARKS is revolutionizing UAV survey by making ‘small’ cameras do ‘big’ things. Our breakthrough technology enables ‘Large Format Metric camera’ consistency and accuracy from consumer-grade digital sensors.


Quadcopter DRONES

These kinds of drones are specifically designed for precision agriculture and inspection. Bringing the camera in line with the centre of gravity has allowed for weight saving, less wind resistance, and protection of the expensive cameras. It is capable of flying an infrared and multi-spectral/hyperspectral camera in tandem completely autonomously. The gimbal is designed to be easily switchable in the field in order to run multiple different setups without needing multiple copters or long down-times.

At the field, it is capable of flying for an extended duration even when fully loaded with a thermal cameras and multispectral.


This kind of drone is designed for deplorability, portability, redundancy and ultimate scanning capability. Carrying full frames cameras, it is capable of achieving extremely high ground sampling density, ensuring high resolution and high precision models can be produced from every flight.

Fixed Wing Drones

These kinds of drones are optimized for scanning large areas. With an average autonomy of 90 minutes, the fixed wing drone can cover over 3km² in a single flight at 2.5cm resolution flying for over 70km in a single flight. The mission trajectory is pre-programmed in order to achieve the best coverage, this also ensures that all future visits to the site cover exactly the same area.
This allows for 3D models to be compared over time and assess changes, be it stock piles, land abuse or renovation work on an asset.